Monday, June 15, 2015

Wedding Noisemaker Favor from Soda Can

Summer is here and with it brings the wedding Season and what better time to have another round of the ever-popular Craft Lightning Series hosted by Angie at the Country Chic Cottage and Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts.

Guest host for this Wedding Series is the crafty and talented Katie, from "Sweet Rose Studio".

I'm so happy you all have stopped by to see what sweet and sassy wedding crafts can be whipped-up in a jiffy (15 minutes or less...minus drying time)!

When I think of weddings, my favorite part has always been the cute favors offered to the guests as a token of thanks and remembrance of the big day!

A tradition that is repeated at many a wedding is the celebrating or encouraging of a kiss or two between the Bride and Groom and I wanted to think of something different to signal that public display of affection besides the traditional bell.

With a little help from hubby (whose brain I was picking for ideas...), I came up with this simple noisemaker made from an aluminum soda can with bottle caps inside to create the "noise".

I wasn't quite sure how to make an old soda can look elegant (or at least appropriate) for a wedding...but I figured I'd give it the old college try and see what I could come up with.

I spray painted the can with an antique white color and bent several bottle caps in half and placed them inside the can so that it would make lots of noise when it was shook.

I sealed the can top off with a flattened out bottle cap and secured it with E6000.

I decorated the painted can using die-cuts that I made using my Cricut Explore and then accented the can with sheer ribbon and a paper flower on top.

Of course, you don't have to use a Cricut Explore or any other die-cut machine to do this, there are so many possibilities for embellishing the can but for the purpose of keeping this craft to 15 minutes or less, I decided the Cricut was a timesaver.

Here are the steps I took in making this project:

Here are the supplies and tools I used to make this project:

Tools/Supplies Used:

Empty/Used Aluminum Soda Can (Small/Mini)
Soda Bottle Caps
Hammer, Small
Spray Paint, Krylon, Cover Maxx, Primer, Color: Gray
Spray Paint, Ace, Interior/Exterior, Color: Antique White/Cooler Beige
E6000 Adhesive
Scotch Advanced Tape Glider Gun
Cricut Explore Die-Cut Machine
Cricut Design Space Online Software
Newlyweds Image (#MB9501) from Cricut Cartridge (Library) "The Good Old Days"
Cricut Explore Antiquity Pen Set, Fine Point (Color: Midnight)
Sheer Ribbon, Details & Accessories, 5/8", Off White/Cream
Recollections Paper Flowers, Rolled
Recollections Cardstock Paper, Cream

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Teacher Note Necklace Made from Upcycled CD

Every year I like to make a little something for my Granddaughter's Teacher for Teacher appreciation week and this year I've come up with this note necklace that is made from an old CD.

Teacher Note Necklace made from Upcycled CD-ROM

I wanted to incorporate something useful into something fun!

I noticed that the teachers at school sometime have recess or yard duty and I thought it might be handy to have this little necklace with a post-it note pad and pen attached!

I even included a badge clip so that they can easily wear their school badge with the necklace.

To personalize it for a teacher gift, I added the photo of my Granddaughter and a sweet quote/poem about teachers!

This craft can easily be done in 15 minutes (minus drying time), though I'll have to admit, I added a few more things to my version that probably made it take a little longer.

Adding the gold cord around the photo was a bit tedious as it didn't want to easily lay down in a circle.
Also, the way I attached the beaded necklace to the cd was more elaborate than you really need to get.

I was just thinking of how it might lay nicer, so I added the snipped paper clip ends and cut the necklace in half and glued it to the ends of the clips.

This of course took more time than just gluing the whole beaded necklace to the back of the CD, but I wanted to add the square post-it note which took up more room and made it harder to mount the beads directly to the back of the cd.

I started by sanding the CD lightly on the shiny side and a little harder on the colored side because I was using tissue paper to cover it and didn't want any of the writing to show through.

I cut some strips of patterned tissue paper and then cut them into oblong pieces and adhered them to the CD with Mod Podge.

I only put two coats of Mod Podge, but you can add more if you like, just be sure to allow drying time between coats.

I scanned and printed out a photo of my Granddaughter on my Epson CX7400 color printer and glued it to the center of the CD.

(Note: before applying Mod Podge to a ink jet photo print out...apply a light coat of fixative to the photo/print out will prevent the Mod Podge from causing the print to run or bleed!)

I was going to make a print out of the poem on my computer, but for times sake I decided to hand write the quote using a black sharpie marker.

In hindsight...I wish I had gone with the printout, only because I have a terrible time lining up my writing/printing as you can tell from the pictures!

I even used a "template" I made from paper and pencil, hoping to get it right and I still wasn't thrilled with the results, but the message will get across I suppose and maybe it will make the gift more personable!

The note pad/post-it note was attached using double sided foam tape and the pen was attached using the clip on the pen.

I thought of using magnets for the pen, but I didn't want to add any more weight than necessary to the necklace.

This project was quick and very inexpensive to make, I found the beads, tissue paper, pen and post-it notes at the 99 cents store and of course the CD was just an old one I had laying around that I no longer needed.

Here are the tools and supplies I used for this project:

Tools & Materials List:

Old CD (Not shown in photo above)
Sand Paper
Tissue Paper
Beaded Necklace, Plastic
Post-it Notes
Mod Podge
E6000 Adhesive
Workable Fixatif
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Mod Podge Gloss Sealer
Foam Paint Brush
Wire Cutters
Foam Mounting Tape (Two Sided)
Heavy Duty Scissors (Cutco Brand)
Regular Scissors
Sharpie Pen, Black
Pen (with clip)
Gold Cord
Wax Paper and/or Butcher Paper
Paper Weights
Color Printer, Ink Jet (Epson)
Paper Clips
Plastic Container (for Mod Podge) (Not shown in photo above)

I made a slideshow showing the steps I took to make this project.

You can view it here on my YouTube Channel:

Or here on my Flipagram Feed:

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

iPad/Tablet Stand from Repurposed Paper Towel Rolls

I always love being part of the Craft Lightning Series hosted by my blog friends Angie from the Country Chic Cottage & Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts and I was especially thrilled to hear about this one showcasing Recycled Crafts!

As most of my regular visitors already know...I love to make things from materials that would otherwise be disposed this edition of Craft Lighting is right in my wheelhouse!

One of the things I "collect" and mean to someday cardboard toilet paper and paper towel rolls and my hubby always wonders WHEN I am going to use some of them up and unburden us from all the mass of cardboard!

He will be thrilled to see that I have made good use of a couple of the paper towel rolls and created this awesome iPad Holder/Stand:

The idea for this came out of necessity we do a lot of traveling to auto swap meets and races in our Motorhome and I like to watch episodes of my favorite TV show of all time (Friends) on my iPad when I am going to sleep.

I have never found a good way to get the iPad to sit-up on the bed in the MH, even with one of those pad covers that is supposed to make them stand up. The mattress is just too squishy and it never stays up!

So I tried to think of something I could make that would keep the iPad upright and still let me view the entire screen.

For some reason the cardboard rolls popped into my mind...I figured if I could put two of them side-by-side and somehow secure them to hold the weight of the iPad then I would have a good solution to my problem and it would be a "recycled" craft!

I picked the brains of my family a bit for ideas on what would work best to stabilize it and we decided on rocks and rubber bands!

The rocks give it weight to balance out the weight of the tablet and the rubber bands keep the glued down rolls from taking on too much pressure from that weight.

I covered the cardboard tubes in duck brand duct tape to strengthen the cardboard and make it look prettier of course!

I made the base from an old Capri Sun cardboard box because it was a fairly thick cardboard and would hold-up well.
I covered the base in duck tape also for added strength.

I glued the covered rolls down on the base using E6000, which I recommend because of it flexibility, even after it has dried.

Some heavy duty glues can become very hard when dry and would not work as well for this project, but the E6000 performed great and allows for any pushing/pressure that may be put on the rolls.

I tried to put an even weight of rocks into each tube, I didn't weigh them, but just tried to pick 10 rocks of similar size and put 5 rocks in each tube.

You can glue these down inside the tube if you like, but I did not.
I left them loose and just shake them slightly to align evenly before I put the iPad in between the tubes.

To seal off the tubes I used old baby food jar tops spray painted silver to compliment the colors in my Flying Pig Duck Tape.

After letting the glue on the tubes and base set for a bit I put shims in between the tubes and let it dry overnight. (This was to be sure that I had some extra flexibility with the size of the slot to input the tablet.) For shims, I just used some mini cardboard baby books that I have on hand for my Grandchildren, but you can use thick pieces of cardboard or wood shims if you have them.

This project came together fast (minus drying time) and was so easy!

I recycled three different items (cardboard tubes, baby food jar lids & a cardboard juice box) that would normally be thrown away and the best part is...I made something I really needed and saved some money (have you seen the price of iPad stands??!! Yikes!).

Here is a collage of the steps I took to make this project (click to enlarge): 

Here are the tools/supplies I used for this project:

Cardboard Tubes (from Empty Paper Towel Rolls) - 2 ea.
Duck Brand Decorative Duct Tape, 1.88", Flying Pigs Design
Spray Paint, Sterling Silver, Enamel, Champion Sprayon
Small Smooth Rocks, 10 ea.
Cardboard Box, Capri Sun (Med. Wt.)
Baby Food Jar Lids, 2 ea.
Rubber Bands, 2 ea.
Ruler (Not shown in photo above)
Utility Knife, Husky
Adhesive, E6000
Marker, Sharpie, Black
Toothpick (to help place glue on lids)

Hope you enjoyed my post and are inspired to create something from recyclable or throw-away materials!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dr.Seuss Inspired Chalk/Magnetic Activity Board

As a child I loved Dr. Seuss books and my children loved them too!
So I always enjoy this time of year when we all celebrate the Dr. Seuss legacy and I can re-live some childhood and early Mom memories!

I am now a Grandmother and have the pleasure of introducing my Grand little ones to the great books of Dr. Seuss, so I was excited to participate in this Craft Lightning Edition and wanted to create something "Seussical" for the little ones!

I came up with this cute and handy little activity tray that I knew the Grandkids would love.
It was so quick and easy to make and the best part is that it was made from an old cookie sheet I had that had gotten ruined in the oven, so it is a recycle/upcycle project to boot!

Check out the collage photo below to see the "before" won't believe how yucky this pan was!
In most cases, you would be able to just hit an old pan with a piece of sandpaper to get off any baked on high spots...but in this case, the pan was so bad that hubby had to use some of his power tools to get it clean.

I used Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint and it worked beautifully!
I couldn't believe how smoothly it went on and how quickly it dried.
I sprayed two coats, front and back and it covered good.

I taped it off and added the red trim around the sides.
I hadn't originally planned on doing this, so I had to "borrow" hubby's engine enamel!
(Hubs to the rescue again...what would I do without him??!!)

I added some washi tape accents on the sides and then added the foam sticker & button magnets for the kids to play & learn with.
(TIP: You could also add alphabet beads with magnets for spelling games for kids, or old scrabble tiles!)

The Grandkids were at the house when I finished the project and they were all pretty excited about it...we gathered them for a group shot...and their "Poppy" (aka: Grandpa) was standing behind me making funny faces to get them to laugh!

Here are the steps for making the project: 

Here are the tools and supplies I used for this project:

List of Tools/Materials:

Old/Used Metal Cookie Sheet (Not shown in photo)
Die Grinder Power Tool w/Sanding Disk (Not shown in photo and not necessary in most tray was extra dirty!)
Krylon Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
Dupli-Color Engine Enamel Ceramic (Red)
Craftsmart Premium Satin Acrylic Paint (color: Pacific Coast)
Creatology Paint Brush
Water/Water Jar (to thin acrylic paint)
Absorbent Pad/Towel
Blue Painters Masking Tape
Brown Paper Bag (can also use Kraft Paper or Butcher's Paper) (Not shown in photo)
Recollections Wide Washi Tape (9.1m)
E6000 Adhesive
Mini-Wooden Clothespins (WalMart)
Buttons, Red, 1/2" (10 ea.)
Dr. Seuss Themed Foam Dimensional Stickers
Magnetic Strip, Crafters Choice, 1/2" wide
Magnets, Small, Round (2 ea.), (for the mini-clothespins)
Cutco Heavy Duty Scissors

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Matching Aprons for a Child and Doll

One of the best gifts you can give during the Holidays is one made from your heart and hands!

I love to sew and was happy to have found this great printed fabric pattern of a child's apron with a matching doll apron for an American Girl Doll (18" Doll).

It was on clearance at Hancock's awhile back and I immediately thought how cute it would be for a gift for my Granddaughters!

Unfortunately, they only had one set left, so I made a pattern out of tissue paper of the one that I had so that I can make another one in the future and use different fabric if I so choose.

I really did like the fact that it was printed on fabric though. It takes a big step out of sewing...the cutting and pinning of the paper pattern! What a great idea!

I had seen the "panel" type patterns before for stuffed animals and such, but had never seen one for an item of clothing like this, so I was really excited when I saw it.

The printed fabric pattern and directions were easy to follow.

This made for a great gift and was quick to put together, you can probably finish it in an afternoon and you don't need to be a sewing expert!

Supplies/Tools Used for this Project:

Singer Superb 2010 Sewing Machine
Bobbin Winder
Sew So Simple Pattern, Top Drawer, Westminster Fibers Inc., Hot House Child and Doll Apron
Scissors, Fiskars, Large
Scissors, Fiskars, Small
Thread, Coats and Clark, Cotton/Poly, Dual Duty Plus, Blue 
Hook and Loop Fastener, Sew-On, 100% Nylon, 3/4", Pink
Straight Pins
Rubber Heat Resistant Fingertips
Marking Pencil
Measuring Tape
Seam Ruler
Seam Ripper

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